About ebenthal 

The Kingdom of Ebenthal is a micronational nation-state enclaved in the Brazilian states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. It is governed by a parliamentary constitutional monarchy and a federative system, divided into seven federative units and the capital, the Royal City of Gillisburgh. Portuguese is the national and one of the country's two official languages along with English. Currently, Ebenthal's population revolves around 180 citizens of several nationalities, and citizenship may be acquired by online application or by living for more than a year in Ebenthali territory, which consists on 8.6 Km² of scattered buildings and land properties. The Ebenthali currency which moves the inner financial market is the Conferential Doubloon relying on the country's pyrite reserves. Nonetheless the Brazilian Real is widely used.


Ebenthal was born as a parallel project from another micronation. Due to criative and political divergences, in 2014, the micronation was created, proclaiming its independence from the Kingdom of Roschfallen. As a 6-years-old experienced project, Ebenthal is by now a fully-developed micronation, recognized by more than 50 other, and categorized as a relevant micronation by the Mark Dressner's Categoric-Gradial System of Classification. An active member of the Brazilian, Anglophone and MicroWiki sectors, it is also a member-state of several intermicronationl organizations such as the League of Micronations, the Micronational Monarchies Organizations, the Konmalehth, the International Aerospace Community and it is a founding member of the Conference of Santiago.

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In order to learn more, please visit our page on MicroWiki. Feel always welcome to the Kingdom of Ebenthal, because you are!