According to Article XV of the Ebenthali Constitution, there are three ways to acquire citizenship:

All citizens born or who come by chance reside in any part of the territory of Ebenthal for a year or more is automatically and, unless it is revoked by decree, will be a citizen of Ebenthal.

All citizens who apply online to the government may have granted their Ebenthali citizenship, provided that it is literate and has no criminal history.


Every citizen to whom the King grants the right to citizenship is, by choice, forever a citizen of Ebenthal, and citizenship can be extended by jus sanguinis to his next of kin.

In order to apply for citizenship, sent us an e-mail containing:

  • Your first name and surname (including any eventual title)

  • Your age of birth 

  • Your native language 

  • Your country of origin

  • Your religion 

  • Your race

  • The reason why you want to become an Ebenthali

citizenship form


It is done!

It is done!