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What we are

The Kingdom of Ebenthal is a small self-declared country, commonly known as a micronation, comprised of enclaves located right above the Tropic of Capricorn on eastern South America, completelly surrounded by Brazil. With a population of over 200 registered citizens, Ebenthal is a multicultural and ethnically diverse microstate, welcoming to everyone.


A bit more

Ebenthal has two official languages: Portuguese and English.The micronational country is an unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and a democracy which claims control over various private properties to which it was granted sovereignity. The country has a strong policy against discrimination and in favor of civil and human rights, as well as the environment.

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A micronation is a political entity that claims to be a sovereign state but is not recognized as such by the wider international community and are treated distinclty from conventional unrecognized states. Most micronations are geographically very small, spanning from a single room to sometimes vast areas uncontrolled areas, with populations of multiple origins.