Foreign relations of Ebenthal

The foreign policy of the Kingdom of Ebenthal is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of which the minister is the main responsible for the diplomatic development, acting on behalf of His Majesty The King, who is constitutionally the highest authority on foreign relations and often plays an important role in it.

Ebenthal's international relations are based on Article 124 of the Royal Constitution, which establishes non-intervention, self-determination, international cooperation and peaceful settlement of conflicts as the guiding principles of Ebenthal's relationship with other micronations and multilateral organizations. From late 2019, Ebenthali foreign policy incorporated the principle to no longer recognize simulationism, this is, self-declared micronations which makes ficticious claims or work as a simulacrum of another country, as micronationalism, on the grounds that this does not fits the definitions of a nation-state. Ebenthal has also compromised to not recognize political regimes illegaly installed and/or lacking legitimacy.

As far of 2022, Ebenthal has signed treaties of mutual recognition and friendship with more than 60 micronations and maintain unnofficial relations with several others, as well as with a few internationally recognized countries. Ebenthal is politically active at the micronational so-called Brazilian Sector, where it is a great power, and also the Anglophone Sector and at the MicroWiki Sector, keeping relations with micronations from many other geosocial sectors.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a series of criteria in order to sign treaties of mutual recognition with other micronations, as it follows:

  • A micronation must be at least 3 months old.

  • A micronation must have a stable government.

  • A micronation must not target the LGBT community, religious or racial groups.

  • A micronation must possess multiple communication channels (i.e. website social media, e-mail, etc.) containing truthful information.

  • A micronation must exist in real life: countries with a fictional history, population or claims on virtual maps or imaginary worlds on the internet are not micronationalism but geofiction.

In order to start diplomatic talks of all kind, feel free to message us ar our official e-mail by clicking on the button down below.

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