Geography of Ebenthal

The Kingdom of Ebenthal comprises a series of private properties whose sovereignty was granted by their owners to the State, organized in enclaves surrounded by the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, just above the Tropic of Capricorn, in the Southern Cone of the South American continent.

Covering a total area of 9.2 km² (3.5 sq mi), Ebenthal's geogrpahy is rather unique for its enclaves in both coastal and mountainous regions. Most of the country lies above 600m from the sea level, in an area of temperate climate, while the coastal part of the country enjoys of a tropical to subtropical climate.


Ebenthal is supplied by two rivers, the Rio da Onça (Jaguar River) and the Rio dos Gatos (Cats River), both tributary rivers to the Rio das Velhas (Elder Women River). The country is also bathed by the Atlantic Ocean through a salt water lagoon, the Lagoa de Saquarema (Saquarema Lagoon). Furthermore, Ebenthal has several artifical bodies of water and it claim islets on the natural bodies that bathe the land. Nonetheless, the percentage of water from Ebenthal's total area remains insignificant.


As a unitary state, Ebenthal is further subdivided into seven administrative divisions, being that 6 provinces and the capital. They are: Belmonte, New Switzerland, Schwarzberg, Altentupiland, Geraldorf, Lüttenbühl and the Free City of Altenburg. The administrative divisions themselves are composed of enclaves, and are ruled autonomously by either elected or appointed devolved governments. The country also has unnofficial geographic divisions that groups Geraldorf and Belmonte as The Northern Region, Schwarzberg and New Switzerland as The Central Region and Altenburg, Altentupiland and Lüttenbühl as The Southern Region.