Timeline of Ebenthali history

The Kingdom of Ebenthal has its origins in another micronation, the Kingdom of Roschfallen, which was founded in 28 January 2014 by the Brazilian micronationalist Arthur Brum. Over the course of that year, Arthur gathered with many friends to develop Roschfallen but faced a series of obstacles that led to the secession of several parts of Roschfallen's territory and the foundation of the Kingdom of Ebenthal by Arthur Brum's homonymous friend, Arthur Beato, on 11 August 2014.


The new micronation, likewise Rochsfallen, soon adopted a German-Brazilian culture, native to the region of Brazil on which it was created, and moved to be recognized by other micronations, assuming it would be useless to try recognition by recognized sovereign states. With its independence assured and recognized and on good terms with Roschfallen, the Ebenthali government enacted the Royal Constitution on 2015 and moved to attract new micronationalists, from Brazil and abroad, of all ages.

This journey was not without problems, Ebenthal had to face, inside and outside its borders, those who wanted to vilify this micronation, but it always emerged victorious, thanks to the efforts and dedication of its citizens, leading to a peaceful era. Eventually, in 2019, after a series of issues that brought the micronation to the verge of inactivity, and even dissolution, ended the reign of the House of Beato, Arthur Brum, former King of Roschfallen, succeeded as King of Ebenthal, bringing changes and a new era of prosperity to the country, which emerged as a micronational power, reaching a high level of development.

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