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Ebenthal has a new Crown Prince

The King's nephew, Prince Heitor, assumes as Prince of Bruges and heir to the throne.

The Prince of Bruges's royal monogram.

In 11 April 2021, upon requesting by her brother, King Arthur II, Her Gracious Highness Princess Élida, The Princess of Belmonte, resigned her dynastical rights, title and style, and was succeeded as heir to the throne of Ebenthal by her son, His Royal Highness Prince Heitor. The Princess's resignation was decided following talks between the King and the young Prince, who very fond of things related to geopolitics, accepted to take an active role in Ebenthal's micronational affairs.

While the King's sister was granted the ordinary title of a Princess of Ebenthal with the dignity of Royal Highness, her son did not succeeded her as Prince of Belmonte; instead, the princely title of Belmonte was devolved to that Principality's administration and the former reigning Prince of Belmonte, Mr. Pedro Carvalho, who stepped down following the association of that title to the heir to the Ebenthali throne in 2018, assumed the title and office once agains. Prince Heitor, on the other hand, was created Prince of Bruges, a title which pays reference to the city where the Clan Brum originated back in the 15th century, and which will be from now on the title for the heirs to the throne. The new to-be-10-years-old crown prince was made Deputy Grand Master of the Royal Ebenthali Order as well as Grand Cross of the orders of the Swiss Prince and Blue Blood and knight of the Order of Dagon. Upon his recognition as crown prince by the parliament, it was decided that, should the King be incapacitated to fulfill his duties while the Prince of Bruges is still a minor, a regency would take over the government on the person of the Seneschal of Ebenthal, currently The Most Dignified Count of Iustitia.

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