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The two years reign of King Arthur II

Remembers what His Majesty the King has done to the country.

29 December 2021 marked the cotton jubilee of His Majesty King Arthur II, two years on the throne of Ebenthal. Invited to assume the throne of the Kingdom of Ebenthal by the then Regent, The Most Dignified Lord Raphael Sousa, The Duke of Sion, on Christmas 2019, then King Arthur I of Roschfallen, of the matric micronation that gave rise to Ebenthal, abdicated the throne of the country which he had founded, and which he struggled to rule, and accepted to become King of the separatist nation he had once faced. Immediately upon assuming the throne, Arthur, now II, sought to reshape Ebenthal according to his vision of a micronation while respecting the Ebenthali tradition. It gave the country a new flag, new arms, a new anthem and a new motto, changed the capital, incorporated his possessions, brought with him old micronationalist politicians loyal to his person, laid the foundations of his dynasty, but most importantly, it adopted an internal and successful foreign policy that allowed Ebenthal, until then an unknown micronation, which operated in a regionality of friends, and bordering on inactivity after a turbulent period between May and December 2019, to become, more than a micronation, a nation, intermicronationally known and respected, even influential, recording levels of political activity rarely seen in the past. One of the highlights of his reign was certainly Ebenthal's participation in the foundation of the Conference of Santiago, an inter-micronational organization that reached the greatest importance on the American continent. In addition to projecting Ebenthal's image micronationally, Arthur II also, and personally, took care to maintain the level of political activity reached by Ebenthal, taking an active part in government affairs, making himself a monarch, not only present, but indispensable for the healthy functioning of the micronational structure that today has more than 30 active members (this only in the government), more than 70 politically [and relatively] active citizens and almost 200 subjects. In addition to the Conference of Santiago, Arthur II was personally responsible for Ebenthal's involvement in Konmaleth, one of the most prestigious and influential inter-micronational organizations in the world, now defunct, and in the International Aerospace Community. He was also the creator of the Conferential Doubloon, today the most circulating micronational currency in the Americas, which revitalized the micronational economy of Ebenthal, and which aroused curiosity and interest. During his years of reign and government, he was sometimes just, sometimes he imposed his will. He didn't come out unscathed, he got involved in crises, but he always looked for ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. He granted reforms and reforms, both in the administrative structure of the state, as in amenities, always seeking to improve the kingdom. A reformer in essence, sometimes even criticized for not settling down with a form, reformed the parliament - which made it bicameral, reformed the nobility - re-creating titles, reformed the federation - abolishing three of the six principalities, turning them into territories under direct administration and directly conflicting with political interests, reformed the nomenclatures - carrying forward a project that aims to bring cohesion to micronational culture, reformed the economy - adopting a new currency and new economic models, even original ones. He promoted cultural events, international agreements, represented Ebenthal at meetings and congresses. In short, these two years of reign saw real development as never before. It is for this reason that His Majesty received the epithet "Father of Two Nations"; he founded Roschfallen, but created Ebenthal.

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