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Ebenthal's new passport design released

New design came in substitution to the former designed in 2016, replacing the former national arms by the current one.

Ebenthal gains a new passport! Months following a referendum on which the country's national symbols were changed, the newly chosen symbols appears on the passport on it's new design, made by the Duke of Guanabara, former Premier and currently serving as Ministry of Information and Propaganda. Black with the writings and arms in gold, the new passport's style was inspired by those of the Portuguese Republic and the Kingdom of Ruthenia. The content is written mainly in Portuguese, but English translation is fully provided, while the country's name also appears in German to honor it's Katarinensisch-speaking inhabitants. Besides the country's full name and arms, the passport now also presents the name and symbol of the Conference of Santiago, the main intermicronational organization of which Ebenthal is part of, as a founding-member. The new design substituted the former red passport presenting the country's original arms, designed in 2016 on orders of King Arthur I, and in use since, regardless the changes made on national symbols. As soon as presented to King Arthur II, the new passport's design was approved by royal decree. It's first five units are expected to be printed in August 2020.

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