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Moderate Government fell. Conservative Government emerged.

Following the Moderate Party's lost of three parliamentary seats, the Conservative Party was called upon the formation of a new minority government.

On June 29, 2020, the Moderate Party left His Illustrious Majesty's Government, after losing three of its eight seats in the Nobility's Legislative Conclave which had given them an absolute parliamentary majority to form a government in against te non-coalition of the opposition.

Faced with the scenario and the inability of all parties to form a coalition, the Conservative Party, which received two new seats in the Conclave, despite not having an absolute majority, became the largest party in parliament and was called by His Illustrious Majesty to form a minority government.

His Highness Prince Fernando de Negromonte, brother of Prince Hugo IV of Negromonte and a member of the Conservative Party, was called by His Illustrious Majesty to form a new cabinet in his name, composing the first conservative cabinet of Arthur II's reign. The leader of the Conservative party at the Conclave, the Most Excellent Lord Jonathan Scherer, Marquis de Rozandir, was appointed First Lord of the Conclave, serving as the speaker of the house. His Illustrious Majesty The King Arthur II bids the new cabinet welcome and wish the best of luck.

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