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Opposition suggests abolition of the military

The Worker's Party's leader, growing in popularity, strikes again against the Conservatives in power.

On this second day of March, the Dark Lady of the parliament, The Countess of Wittiza, made yet another proposal to be appreciated by her peers: the extinction of the King's Armed Forces, the national military. The leader of the Workers' Party said that the Armed Forces are a useless expense, as they have no practical use, and their symbolic functions could easily be fulfilled without the need to maintain an institution. Contradicted by the Prime Minister, who argued that the Armed Forces have already played very important roles in the development of Ebenthal and in the conflicts, formally interpreted as wars, the Countess replied that the entire historical role of the institution is undeniable, but the action could have been taken by the Ministry Kingdom, by the former Ministry of Science, or by a reserve force or even by the civilian population with the same effect and ends. The Count of Lynscommented saying that this proposal of the Workers' Party, like the previous ones and still in debate that, according to him, aim to undermine the power of the monarch, is nothing but a tantrum by the opposition leader for the 2019 Republican ban, and that has as a final objective to undermine the power of the Conservative Party and consequently of the monarchy and to establish a republic in Ebenthal. The middle ground was given by the leader of the Moderate Party, The Duke of Sion, who proposed either maintaining a single reserve and self-defense force, or abolishing the navy, air force and gendarmerie, and maintaining only the Army and Cyber ​​Corps, possibly as an arm of the army and not even as an independent force. The Duke yet said that sees no threat to the establishment in its social-democratic peer's proposals and that the Workers Party's only possible threat is to conservative politics. The matter was added to the plenary table and will be discussed by Peers of the Realm in the next session on Sunday, March 7.

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