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Order of the Silver Cat nominees

The High King's latest indicated recipients to the highest Ebenthali honor

On 5 May 2020 the office of His Illustrious Majesty the High King Arthur II of Ebenthal announced the recently indicated members of the Most Illustrious Royal Order of the Silver Cat, the country's highest honor, whose members are appointed at the monarch's will usually by their actions and values towards the Ebenthali nation.

1. His Highness Prince César de Médici, Regent of the State of the Lateran Territories, indicated to the ranking of Commander, for his devotion towards the Brazilian sector, his defense and loyalty of the Conference of Santiago and his defense of the King when offended by the so-called monarch of Bauru, not to mention his patience and diplomacy on adverse matters.

2. His Royal Highness Prince Martin Shaw Kilukene, Grand Duke of N'zinga at the traditional African monarchy and former sovereign macronation, the Kingdom of Kongo, indicated to the ranking of Grand Cross, for his loyalty and friendship towards King Arthur and in retribution for his indications of the Ebenthali monarch to two Kongolese orders, in recognition for the King's valuable help in research and recover the Kongolese monarchical history and it's ties to the Brazilian history. 3. His Majesty the Sultan Omar V of Harran, King Arthur's old friend, indicated for the ranking of Grand Cross, for his loyalty, friendship and support towards the all of the High King's projects and most of his micronational actions and in retribution for his nomination of Arthur II to the Order of the Eastern Star. Aside of the new nominees, Emperor-King Oscar I of Karnia-Ruthenia, Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel, King Fernando I of Roschfallen and the Ebenthali Grand Vizier Raphael Sousa, First Lord Nícollas Reis and Seneschal Pedro Reis are also members of the order.

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