Census 2022.

Demographic census on gender, race, religion, language and participation in the micronation.

From 1 to 15 July 2022 the Ministry of the Interior carried out a physical and virtual demographic survey (by sending standardized emails) with an estimated participation of 90% of the total population of Ebenthal. The data collected were analyzed and compiled by the Department of Public Research with a margin of error of up to 5%. Following are the survey data after final analysis, available today:

Regarding gender:

Of the citizens who hold government offices:

90.7% are Male

9.3% are Female

Of the total population: 60.3% are Male

39.7% are Female

Regarding race and ethnicity: Of the total population: 77.6% are Whites

16.0% are Mixed (mulattos)

3.8% are Blacks

1.4% are Bengalis

0.4% are East Asian

Regarding religion:

Of the total population:

51.4% are Catholics

24.2% are Spiritists

12.1% are Protestants

8.2% are Irreligious

1.9% are Buddhists

1.4% are Hinduists

Regarding native language:

Of the total population:

78.1% speak Portuguese

8.7% speak German

6.7% speak English

5.8% speak Spanish

2.9% speak Swedish

1.4% speak Italian

1.4% speak Hindi

0.9% speak French

0.4% speak Japanese

0.4% speak Dutch

Regarding exercise of citizenship:

Of the total population:

40.2% (83 citizens) participate of the micronation's social and political life in some level

59.8% (123 citizens) are registered citizens but does not participate actively of the micronation's affairs.

As of July 2022, the number of people registered as citizens of Ebenthal is 206, among which 127 live in the kingdom and the rest are spread over 23 countries, mostly in Brazil (31), United States (10), Argentina (8), Sweden ( 6) and Italy (3). All Ebenthali have dual citizenship and 156 citizens (76.6% of the total population) are of Brazilian origin.

Another census is scheduled to take place in July 2023 but it may happen earlier if needed by the Government.

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