Treaty of Altenburg: parliament seeks defensive alliance

Konkrëse proposal votes on the potential creation of a defensive military alliance between Ebenthal, Karnia-Ruthenia and Quinta Velha.

In view of the cyber attacks that Ebenthal suffered in January and March, the cyber attacks also suffered, on a worse scale, by one of our closest allies, the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, and the proximity and exposure of our coreligionist, the Kingdom of Quinta Velha, not being able to ignore the growing tensions and small diplomatic conflicts still resulting from the "Microlusophone Cold War", The Most Dignified Mr. Wellington Muniz (Moderate), Minister of War and Member of the House of Councillors for Altenburg, introduced to parliament, on 29 May, the bill that aims to forge a defensive military alliance between the aforementioned micronations, in addition to the contracts that have one with the others as signatories of a series of documents and protocols of the Conference of Santiago.

The bill, introduced without prior consultation with the Karno-Ruthenian and Quintavelhenses governments, takes its assent in view of the close relations between their Heads of State, and is called the "Treaty of Altenburg". If approved by the House of Councillors, the project will be presented through a parliamentary committee to the parliaments of Karnia-Ruthenia and Quinta Velha and must undergo scrutiny by the House of Aristocrats, in which case its possible updated version will later be presented to Ebenthal's allies so that can appreciate and decide, following their own procedures, on their ratification. On Ebenthal's part, the project is to be given royal assent, being publicly sponsored by His Majesty The King.

So far, the bill to implement the treaty has not faced significant opposition, in one of those rare moments when political parties of such different ideologies come together for a common cause. In the last ordinary sessions of Konkrëse, among other matters, the debate on the tenor and content of the Altenburg Treaty dominates the discussions, the only reason why the treaty has not yet been potentially unanimously approved by the Councillors and made public.

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